Serbian Menu

08.12.2016. | 17:15 | by Zagorka Marić

Serbia has a lot to offer to hedonists, and eating out to catch local flavors is an unforgettable experience and a highlight for many visitors. When spending time in Belgrade, make sure you try the local dishes. The coffee, hamburgers, pizzas are not the same as you're used to at home, but they are amazing. Be prepared for the difference and enjoy it.


About the White City

05.12.2016. | 16:30 | by Zagorka Marić

Belgrade is not your typical European sightseeing destination, and it often gets overlooked by travellers. Alternatively the bad boy and the beacon of the Balkans, this intriguing metropolis offers more than just grand architecture and signature dishes: its staggering history, coupled with creativity and laid-back hedonism, makes it a real lived-in city, not a living museum.