About Belgrade State of Mind Vol. 3

Have you ever wondered what Belgrade looks like without a GA? This May you will get a chance to experience it! Last year we were all work, and this year we decided it was time to let the hair down and have some fun. Therefore, we present you with the, now legendary exchange that is bound to leave you with many once-in-a-lifetime experiences… Get ready because Belgrade State of Mind Vol. 3 is coming!

There is a saying by a famous Serbian poet "Whoever was fortunate enough to wake up in Belgrade this morning can consider that they have accomplished enough for today. Insisting on anything else would be immodest." From 3rd to 10th of May, you will be among the fortunate ones, getting the opportunity to walk the streets of one of the oldest cities in Europe. We will take you through the pedestrian streets in the historical heart of the city, the bohemian Skadarlija, all the way to the Belgrade fortress that offers an exciting view of the confluence of Sava and Danube. You will get the chance to experience the city's creative headquarters Savamala, the old riverside quarter that has gone from ruin to resurrection. Brace yourselves for the City rally - we have our best creative team working on challenges you have never seen before!

Then, there is the food. Rest assured that in this city you will not be hungry at any point and be prepared to try the traditional cuisine that includes dishes such as gibanica, pecenje, barbeque and more importantly drinks like rakija and vinjak. Also, you will get the chance to visit some of our many thriving cafes and see why so many people speculate how we ever get things done around here.

Belgrade might translate into "White city", but there is nothing plain about it. With a seemingly endless supply of bars, clubs, kafanas and barges (splavovi) it offers a vibrant nightlife and is the perfect place to blow off some steam and party 'till the sun comes up. Moreover, while interacting with the people you will have the opportunity to experience our famous Serbian hospitality first hand as one of the many reasons why people enjoy coming back. Hope you are ready to get into the Belgrade state of mind, we sure can't wait to see you all!